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A Truly “Green” Home Is One that Is Loved

by July 19, 2010 » Add the second comment.
New landscaping behind South Main office

Although there are, of course, a lot of things that make up a green home, one of the simplest- and therefore often overlooked- components is the continued care and maintenance of a home. People are less likely to love and maintain a home that they are not emotionally vested in. For instance, it is common [...] Read more »

From Wasteland to Oasis: Making the Most of Our Small Yard

by July 12, 2010 » Add more comments.

We have one of the smallest and most awkwardly-shaped lots in South Main. Shaped sort of like a badly cut piece of pie, it seemed our yard was doomed to not be much- besides our wonderful vegetable garden. But I have a son now so we built a sand box. We never used the space anyways- why not? The sand box started an inquiry that has ended with, in my mind, a surprising realization of just what can be done with a small yard.