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Denver Post Features Kayaker Dustin Urban, of South Main

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dustin urban denver post

South Main resident Dustin Urban is featured today in a Denver Post article about his accomplishments and thoughts on his future. “BUENA VISTA — Dustin Urban balances his son as he prepares lunch for his daughter. The ham is diced while the tow-headed 2-year-old on his hip sips and the darling in the [...] Read more »

Dustin Urban Wins Teva Mountain Games… Again!

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Image for Dustin Urban Wins Teva Mountain Games… Again!

There is something inexplicable about watching Dustin win the Teva Mountain Games Freestyle Kayak event once again. But then again, I feel this way most every year, since he was won 5 out of the 6 years we have been together. The event is so stacked- it is arguably the most [...] Read more »

Urban Adventure: South Main on Outside TV

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Dustin Outside TV

We are excited to announce the airing of a national segment on Outside Television about South Main. Sam Bricker of Outside TV Salida (Channel 63) filmed and produced the piece which is airing now through the summer season on a show called Outside Today. In his words “The local Salida crew recently filmed the segment [...] Read more »

Winter Kayaking at the Whitewater Park [VIDEO]

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BV Whitewater Park-3-web

We have had 400 cfs (cubic feet per second) of water in the river for a while now, and I’ve been excited to discover that even that little water is enough for some great practice, especially at the new LoDo Wave due east of Eddyline Brewpub. Many years I don’t even get in my boat [...] Read more »

A Fall Color Drive to St. Elmo Ghost Town

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St. Elmo, Fall Colors, Colorado Ghost Town-13

I’m doing my best this year to get myself out of the office and on some adventures during our brief but spectacular fall color season. Yesterday I took a drive up the Chalk Creek Valley to the popular Ghost Town St. Elmo in search of gold. The weather was dynamic, with lots of clouds, but [...] Read more »

South Main Is Base Camp for Leadville 100 Athletes

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Photo: Glen Delman via Lifetime Fitness Leadville Trail 100 on Facebook

The Leadville Trail 100, “the nation’s highest-altitude endurance test,” has become an internationally acclaimed event, made particularly famous by the participation of Lance Armstrong in recent years (although not this year due to injuries). The mountain bike race took place this past weekend and drew over 1,500 participants, including a number of wonderful families [...] Read more »

Must-See Video: Kunstler Ridicules Our “National Automobile Slum”

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James Howard Kunstler is one of the most outspoken and well-known critics of sprawl and proponents of New Urbanism. This talk is Kunstler at his best- witty, humorous, inflammatory. Kunstler is a futurist who understands that we’re basically f*$#*d as a country if we don’t abandon our car-centric, sprawling lifestyles immediately and start building places [...] Read more »

New Wave of Construction Continues on River Park Road

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South Elevation, 1000 River Park Road, South Main Neighborhood, Buena Vista, Colorado

Not long ago we announced a new wave of construction on River Park Road. On Friday, South Main Building Company broke ground on the second home of the ‘new wave,’ a 3-bedroom Kenny Craft design at 1000 River Park Road. Owners Jeff and Jenifer Hoffman have frequented Buena Vista for outdoor activities like back country [...] Read more »

Erin’s Organics: Food from the Heart of the Earth

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I opened the green house door, and old school hip hop filtered through the warm, humid air. A crib sat adjacent to a children’s play area with various toys nestled amongst potted banana and fig trees. Erin was tending her starters which sprout from beds heated by copper pipes carrying geothermally heated water which emerges from the earth beneath the greenhouse.

Video: Whitewater Park’s New LoDo Wave Still Epic at Low Water

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South Main Buena Vista CO June 10-7

Thanks to the Abdelnours of The Clocktower Flat and Foresight Multimedia for producing this great little video of the LoDo Wave at low water. Here’s a write-up I did on the wave for Colorado Kayak Supply: The “LoDo Wave,” short for “Lower Downtown,” is located at the South Main Town Square and is [...] Read more »