Play often gets short shrift as an essential part of a balanced breakfast life. Too often it’s the priority that finds its way to the bottom of the list before dropping off the list entirely, followed closely by expanding waistlines.  To be sure, wherever you live, there’s a 24 hour fitness or a gold’s gym or a park near by that you could use if you took the time to drive or walk over there.  But the beauty of Buena Vista in general and South Main in particular is that all the best stuff is right outside your front door!  From green spaces for tossing a frisbee, to easy mountain bike / hike trail access, to world-class whitewater, to our new bouldering park.  When you live here, you live in the middle of all these great resources (not to mention the 14ers, the 10 whitewater runs, the 8 climbing areas, the 100s of miles of trails and roads for biking and hiking…). We could go on (and on and on), but you get the gist.

It’s not like we have a lock on the idea, we’re just working hard to make play be an easy addition to our (and your) daily life.  To that end, Play is a subject we’ll focus on A LOT on this blog.  Often we will showcase people playing in and around here, but there are many, many great places to live and play, and we want to talk about them too.

So, why are you still reading?  Go outside and play!  We are right behind you….