If you took a survey, I think there are very few people who wouldn’t want to live a life surrounded by artists, hikers, bikers, climbers, kayakers, small business owners, teachers, financial planners, and doctors.  The neat thing about living in close-knit communities like Buena Vista is that the people you see on the street are also the people you see on the trails, on the river, at the gallery openings, at town council meetings and at dinner.  Great people understand what it takes to build a community and wear as many hats as needed to make it happen.  We love places that are made up of people who take it upon themselves to be involved with many different parts of their community, who work to make the community better for everyone who lives there and who welcome those who want to do their part.  South Main and greater Buena Vista is a place where people like this can and do make a difference in the quality of life of their neighbors.  This blog will celebrate these people.