Bouldering Competition Photo Gallery

by June 1, 2010 » Add the second comment.

Another cool event that took place during Paddlefest weekend was a bouldering competition on the 3 boulders in and around the South Main. Competitors had a great time working the new problems and the vibe was fun, casual and supportive. Thanks so much to David Switalski of Chaffee County High School for putting [...] Read more »

From Boulders to Buildings

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An answer starts with a question. The question? Can and should we be splitting these enormous boulders all over South Main into something useful? Having just returned from Europe and seeing some of the most amazing architecture in the world, plus listening to the audio book The Pillars of the Earth on the [...] Read more »

Are Americans Ready for a Lifestyle Change?

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One of our highest hopes for South Main is that it will serve as a model of what’s possible for future development. We’re looking to demonstrate the most sustainable model possible for new development in the west. The heinous effects of sprawl in the west and the alarming loss of cherished open space [...] Read more »