BP or Us?

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In a recent post on his Original Green Blog, Steve Mouzon made the excellent point that while it might be gratifying and just to “take the hide off” BP’s CEO Tony Hayward, we are actually to blame, having created a suburban nation which continues to make us slaves to oil. Of course this is easy for New Urbanists to claim, but what else are we supposed to say about the emperor’s nudity? If all we do as a result of this disaster is make one multinational oil corporation pay heavily, we will have missed a huge opportunity to change our ways and begin to implement patterns of settlement that are actually sustainable.

Lost Lake: A Moderate Alpine Hike

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The hike to Lost Lake is a scenic, accessible, easy to moderate hike to a pristine alpine lake just south of Cottonwood Pass. It’s around a half-hour drive west from downtown Buena Vista, CO to the trailhead. The hike to the lake is a half hour one way and is a great outing for families.

Urbanism and Sustainability

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I often wonder when I hear things like ‘change a light bulb, save the world’ just how deep our culture’s understanding of sustainability is. I’ll read an article that discusses how the American lifestyle needs to change, but the answer at the end has more to do with fuel efficient cars than urbanism or smart growth. This article is compelling to me because it demonstrates with solid data how New Urbanism and Smart Growth are a systemic approach to sustainability and dealing with the climate crisis…

On Winning FIBArk

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You often hear from me in the 3rd person, speaking as “South Main.” Today I thought I’d give a first person account of my win this weekend at the 62nd FIBArk whitewater festival 25 miles south of Buena Vista in Salida. Let me begin by saying that this was the first [...] Read more »

Flowers of the Buena Vista River Park

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A gallery of flower photos taken with a macro lens in Buena Vista’s river park. Check out Yucca, Penstemon, Globe Mallow, Prickly Pear and more up close. Enjoy!

What’s the Greatest Threat to Our Planet?

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The short film “Built to Last” won first place in The Congress for the New Urbanism CNU 17 video contest. I think environmentalism is often focused on symptoms rather than the underlying systemic cause of our global problems. Our automobile/ oil dependence is probably the largest man-made disaster in the world. What’s counter-intuitive [...] Read more »

Nature is Fuel for the Soul, Study Shows

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If you live in or visit the Buena Vista area, it’s certainly not news that there is ample opportunity to be or play outside, close nature. If you haven’t noticed, this is really important to us. And a new study published in this month’s issue of the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that [...] Read more »

Video: Class V Pine Creek Rapid at High Water

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Don’t try this at home…

Live From South Main goes Live!

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Hello South Mainers (Mainiacs?)!  As they like to say on KRCC, the techno-gnomes have reached into their bag of tricks and come up with something new, interesting and (hopefully) useful for us all. How many different ways can you tell the story, “Brother and sister, pro-kayakers build new urbanist neighborhood in Colorado mountains [...] Read more »

New Wave Takes 3rd Annual BV Pro Rodeo to New Heights

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We’ve been talking a lot this spring about the new whitewater park improvements, and particularly the new wave, located just east of the South Main Town Square. Meanwhile we’ve been biting our nails behind the scenes, hoping and praying that this new feature (aka the LoDo wave) would meet our expectations as [...] Read more »