Disc Golf Course Opens in Buena Vista River Park

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Image for Disc Golf Course Opens in Buena Vista River Park

Having invested heavily in the town of Buena Vista’s river park, it makes us really happy to see a project like the Buena Vista Disc Golf Course become a reality. Yesterday was the official ribbon cutting, and the course’s first 9 holes are now open for free public use! Another 9 holes are [...] Read more »

Welcome the Pucketts, South Main’s Newest Family

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South Main Townhouse Color Palate

A few weeks ago I waved hello to Philip and Cindy Puckett and their 4-year-old daughter Chloe as they peered out a second story window. “This is my room!” Chloe shouted, beaming. The Pucketts are proud owners of the new, 2,550-square-foot Kenny Craft design now under construction at 905 South Main [...] Read more »

Plein Air Painting Comes to South Main

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Plein Air Painting in the South Main Neighborhood 1

For the 3rd year in a row, the Colorado Mountain Plein Air Painting Festival takes place in the Upper Arkansas Valley from Leadville to Cotopaxi. Local artists as well as others from several states will be arriving to paint the area. This year’s dates are September 16-26, during the height of the fall color. There are many events and “paint-outs” with awards, and two of the events will take place in the South Main Neighborhood in Buena Vista.

American Bouldering Series Comes to BV!

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Nearly 2 years ago, the Town of Buena Vista was awarded its second Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant, which helped to fund construction of the three public rock climbing boulders in and around South Main. On September 11th, our boulders will host the first and only outdoor stop on the American Bouldering Series (ABS) competition circuit. Competitive rock climbers will come to Buena Vista to earn points in an effort to qualify for national level competitions like the National Championships and World Cup.

Take a Photo Tour of The Courtyard Home

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Mantel Piece and Structural Arch

Reclaimed wood flooring and beams, outdoor fireplaces, custom tile panels, a third story cupola with river views, traditional stucco- all of these details are coming together on South Main Building Company’s ‘Courtyard Home’ on Swift Circle. Here’s a photographic tour of the progress. There will be three apartments in the home that will [...] Read more »

Jed Puts up New BV Climb: Franklin’s Tower

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Hanging on the Hook for Bolt 2

This past weekend I put up my first climb, which I named Franklin’s Tower (after a song from my favorite band the Grateful Dead). It is a fun and varied mixed climb* just north of town on Poncho’s Vista. For better or worse I was committed to putting up my first climb on [...] Read more »

The Lone Chanterelle or How to Get Skunked Mushroom Foraging

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“That’s a great sign- a gigantic puddle” Scott said as he parked his 4Runner. We stepped out, grabbed his woven foraging basket (preferable to a bag because it spreads the spores of gathered mushrooms) and immediately stumbled upon several clusters of “Shaggy Mane” mushrooms busting through moist dirt beside the forest road. Our spirits were high at having found a flush of edible mushrooms so early in our hunt… if only we had known how ironic this immediate find would become.

South Main Is Base Camp for Leadville 100 Athletes

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Photo: Glen Delman via Lifetime Fitness Leadville Trail 100 on Facebook

The Leadville Trail 100, “the nation’s highest-altitude endurance test,” has become an internationally acclaimed event, made particularly famous by the participation of Lance Armstrong in recent years (although not this year due to injuries). The mountain bike race took place this past weekend and drew over 1,500 participants, including a number of [...] Read more »

Must-See Video: Kunstler Ridicules Our “National Automobile Slum”

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James Howard Kunstler is one of the most outspoken and well-known critics of sprawl and proponents of New Urbanism. This talk is Kunstler at his best- witty, humorous, inflammatory. Kunstler is a futurist who understands that we’re basically f*$#*d as a country if we don’t abandon our car-centric, sprawling lifestyles immediately and start [...] Read more »

New Wave of Construction Continues on River Park Road

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South Elevation, 1000 River Park Road, South Main Neighborhood, Buena Vista, Colorado

Not long ago we announced a new wave of construction on River Park Road. On Friday, South Main Building Company broke ground on the second home of the ‘new wave,’ a 3-bedroom Kenny Craft design at 1000 River Park Road. Owners Jeff and Jenifer Hoffman have frequented Buena Vista for outdoor activities like [...] Read more »