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Notes on Designing the Zebra Loft

by May 14, 2013 » Add more comments.
South Main-0941

  The Zebra Loft, as we are calling it, is South Main Vacation Rental’s newest property. Our architect Kenny Craft designed the exterior and Jed and Kennley Selby spearheaded the interior. The following are Kennley’s thoughts on designing what has turned out to be one of the most interesting interiors in South Main: We [...] Read more »

If It’s Not Beautiful, It’s Not Sustainable

by March 16, 2011 » Add the second comment.
Image for If It’s Not Beautiful, It’s Not Sustainable

“The best way to recycle a 2 x 4 is to leave it in place.” -Andres Duany A lot of resources go into any home, not to mention a neighborhood, so it better be good. It better be built in such a way that it will be loved and last far beyond the 30-year [...] Read more »

A Photo Tour of a Most Innovative Interior

by November 24, 2010 » Add more comments.
Any exposed wood is reclaimed, including the mixed hardwood floors

The 625-square-foot guesthouse of the Courtyard Home is substantially complete, and we’re awfully proud of the interior. Jed and Kennley put countless hours into the design and thinking through every detail, and the result is quite something. Once the rest of the home is complete, you will have the opportunity to experience this 1-bedroom apartment [...] Read more »