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South Main in BV’s Local Paper

by December 31, 2012 » Add the second comment.
Image for South Main in BV’s Local Paper

The Chaffee County Times recently ran an excellent piece titled “South Main: Then, Now and In the Future.” For those of you not subscribed to the Times,’ we have provided PDFs of the article below with the Times’ permission. Enjoy! Click each image to download the PDFs (1 to 3 MB)
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Fabulous Letter to the Editor from South Main Homeowner

by August 29, 2012 » Add more comments.
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This letter from South Main homeowner Rosemary Waldorf  appeared on August 16th, 2012 in the Chaffee County Times. The full letter is published here with Rosemary’s permission as Times content is no longer available to the pubic without a subscription. Since the late 1980s, my husband Gary and I have crossed the U.S. to vacation [...] Read more »

Urban Adventure: South Main on Outside TV

by May 20, 2011 » Add the first comment.
Dustin Outside TV

We are excited to announce the airing of a national segment on Outside Television about South Main. Sam Bricker of Outside TV Salida (Channel 63) filmed and produced the piece which is airing now through the summer season on a show called Outside Today. In his words “The local Salida crew recently filmed the segment [...] Read more »

Great Article on South Main in the Summit County Voice

by August 2, 2010 » Add the first comment.

By Emily Palm
Hear someone mention the town of Buena Vista, Colo., and images of a huge prison and a growing number of 1-acre lot developments sprawling across the valley might spring to mind. But a cohort of New Urbanists seeks to change that with their sustainable, community oriented South Main neighborhood. The development represents growth in a manner they’d like to see, while creating a walkable space to enjoy after recreating in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness or Browns Canyon…