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Notes on Designing the Zebra Loft

by May 14, 2013 » Add more comments.
South Main-0941

  The Zebra Loft, as we are calling it, is South Main Vacation Rental’s newest property. Our architect Kenny Craft designed the exterior and Jed and Kennley Selby spearheaded the interior. The following are Kennley’s thoughts on designing what has turned out to be one of the most interesting interiors in South Main: We [...] Read more »

4 Homes Move Forward

by November 1, 2012 » Add the first comment.

Five years after South Main’s first residents moved in, we are pleased to announce that construction continues to clip along at a swift pace, with all three remaining River Park Road rowhouses breaking ground and a garage/apartment nearing completion on Swift Circle: 1006 River Park Road is a variation of our ever-popular 2 bed, 2.5 bath [...] Read more »

A Great Investment: The Wasiks’ New Rowhouse

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rowhouse 1012 river park rd-0012

“You can step out your door and be right where you want to play… A bike and a good pair of shoes and you can pretty much do anything you want.” -Owner Chris Wasik You probably won’t find a better value than a rowhouse in South Main, and the recently-completed Wasik home illustrates this [...] Read more »

Katie’s Backyard Chickens

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Image for Katie’s Backyard Chickens

If you know my wife Katie, then you’re probably aware that she brings a certain energy and initiative to life… in other words, she’s a real “go-getter.” This was on full display when she 1) had 3 chicks living in the guest shower within 2 days of making up her mind that we should get [...] Read more »

New Home Breaks Ground on South Main

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June 2012 UPDATE: 908 South Main is complete! View the portfolio gallery of the finished home.   We’re excited to have the next South Main Building Company home under construction at 908 South Main Street. The 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath masonry home comes in at an efficient 1,570 square feet. “South Main is a long-term vision [...] Read more »

New Home Draws Inspiration from New Orleans

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Val and Linda

Val and Linda Puckett are bringing some inspiration from the deep south to South Main with their beautiful full-time residence currently under construction on Buzz Boulevard. At 1,700 square feet plus a garage, the Kenny Craft design takes inspiration from the architecture of New Orleans. Family was the biggest factor in the Pucketts’ decision to [...] Read more »

If It’s Not Beautiful, It’s Not Sustainable

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Image for If It’s Not Beautiful, It’s Not Sustainable

“The best way to recycle a 2 x 4 is to leave it in place.” -Andres Duany A lot of resources go into any home, not to mention a neighborhood, so it better be good. It better be built in such a way that it will be loved and last far beyond the 30-year [...] Read more »

Sundance Sheepskin & Leather Comes to South Main

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Image for Sundance Sheepskin & Leather Comes to South Main

Whether it’s a delivery of freshly-foraged Porcini mushrooms, a pair of toasty-warm sheepskin mittens and slippers for Heron or some incredibly sweet tomatoes grown in their Guffey solarium, I always come away from the Sundance family with something to be happy about, something high quality from a local source. So needless to say, we are [...] Read more »

Why Beauty Matters [Video]

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Image for Why Beauty Matters [Video]

We can no longer afford to build ugly, soulless towns, and philosopher Roger Scruton explains why in this BBC program. It is a comprehensive explanation of how our relationship to beauty has evolved in modern society. It convincingly articulates how the timeless principles of art and architecture have been abandoned for the new ideal of [...] Read more »

Does Beauty Drive Economic Growth?

by December 9, 2010 » Add more comments.
Image for Does Beauty Drive Economic Growth?

Everyone knows that stuff like quality jobs and schools are the main reason people choose to live where they do, right? Wrong, suggests a recent study by Gallup and the Knight Foundation. “Surprisingly, social offerings, openness, and beauty are far more important than peoples’ perceptions of the economy, jobs, or basic services in creating a [...] Read more »