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The Evolving American Dream

by June 20, 2012 » Add the first comment.
5.12 South Main update -21

The American Dream: Phase II in the New York Times is yet another sign that a second option for new development – compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods – is taking hold. It is great to see New Urbanism in the mainstream media. “Everything in our culture today reinforces this idea of home as castle (or fortress) [...] Read more »

Why Traditional Neighborhoods Are Timeless

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This video of Vince Graham, the founder of I’on, an excellent TND in South Carolina, is a presentation he gave last December to the homeowners of the neighborhood. He beautifully articulates the fundamental and timeless qualities that traditional neighborhoods have. His project has been a model to emulate for us all. [...] Read more »

Why Beauty Matters [Video]

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We can no longer afford to build ugly, soulless towns, and philosopher Roger Scruton explains why in this BBC program. It is a comprehensive explanation of how our relationship to beauty has evolved in modern society. It convincingly articulates how the timeless principles of art and architecture have been abandoned for the new ideal of [...] Read more »

Climbing ‘The Stout’ in AZ’s Desert Backcountry

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1 week in the desert, 2500 vertical feet of climbing, 18 classic pitches When Kennley and I pulled away from BV at the end of November loaded with 3 weeks worth of climbing and camping gear, two dogs and a cat, I thought perhaps we had lost it. The drive went well enough. There [...] Read more »

Jed Puts up New BV Climb: Franklin’s Tower

by August 24, 2010 » Add the first comment.
Hanging on the Hook for Bolt 2

This past weekend I put up my first climb, which I named Franklin’s Tower (after a song from my favorite band the Grateful Dead). It is a fun and varied mixed climb* just north of town on Poncho’s Vista. For better or worse I was committed to putting up my first climb on lead so [...] Read more »

What’s the Greatest Threat to Our Planet?

by June 14, 2010 » Add more comments.

The short film “Built to Last” won first place in The Congress for the New Urbanism CNU 17 video contest. I think environmentalism is often focused on symptoms rather than the underlying systemic cause of our global problems. Our automobile/ oil dependence is probably the largest man-made disaster in the world. What’s counter-intuitive is that [...] Read more »