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South Main Is Base Camp for Leadville 100 Athletes

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Photo: Glen Delman via Lifetime Fitness Leadville Trail 100 on Facebook

The Leadville Trail 100, “the nation’s highest-altitude endurance test,” has become an internationally acclaimed event, made particularly famous by the participation of Lance Armstrong in recent years (although not this year due to injuries). The mountain bike race took place this past weekend and drew over 1,500 participants, including a number of wonderful families [...] Read more »

Must-See Video: Kunstler Ridicules Our “National Automobile Slum”

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James Howard Kunstler is one of the most outspoken and well-known critics of sprawl and proponents of New Urbanism. This talk is Kunstler at his best- witty, humorous, inflammatory. Kunstler is a futurist who understands that we’re basically f*$#*d as a country if we don’t abandon our car-centric, sprawling lifestyles immediately and start building places [...] Read more »

New Wave of Construction Continues on River Park Road

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South Elevation, 1000 River Park Road, South Main Neighborhood, Buena Vista, Colorado

Not long ago we announced a new wave of construction on River Park Road. On Friday, South Main Building Company broke ground on the second home of the ‘new wave,’ a 3-bedroom Kenny Craft design at 1000 River Park Road. Owners Jeff and Jenifer Hoffman have frequented Buena Vista for outdoor activities like back country [...] Read more »

Erin’s Organics: Food from the Heart of the Earth

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I opened the green house door, and old school hip hop filtered through the warm, humid air. A crib sat adjacent to a children’s play area with various toys nestled amongst potted banana and fig trees. Erin was tending her starters which sprout from beds heated by copper pipes carrying geothermally heated water which emerges from the earth beneath the greenhouse.

Great Article on South Main in the Summit County Voice

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By Emily Palm
Hear someone mention the town of Buena Vista, Colo., and images of a huge prison and a growing number of 1-acre lot developments sprawling across the valley might spring to mind. But a cohort of New Urbanists seeks to change that with their sustainable, community oriented South Main neighborhood. The development represents growth in a manner they’d like to see, while creating a walkable space to enjoy after recreating in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness or Browns Canyon…

Video: Whitewater Park’s New LoDo Wave Still Epic at Low Water

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South Main Buena Vista CO June 10-7

Thanks to the Abdelnours of The Clocktower Flat and Foresight Multimedia for producing this great little video of the LoDo Wave at low water. Here’s a write-up I did on the wave for Colorado Kayak Supply: The “LoDo Wave,” short for “Lower Downtown,” is located at the South Main Town Square and is [...] Read more »

Collegiate Peaks Music Festival Rocks BV

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collegiate peaks music festival, buena vista, colorado-8

Well it doesn’t get much better than that, folks- big names, big beats, a weekend full of dance and celebration in our beautiful and increasingly-hip little mountain town. McPhelmy Park was a gorgeous location for the biggest Collegiate Peaks Music Festival yet. Bands like the Ark Valley’s Local Honey and Nederland’s Elephant Revival lent Friday [...] Read more »

‘Radical’ Yogi Draws a Crowd in BV

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Image for ‘Radical’ Yogi Draws a Crowd in BV

We are blessed here in Buena Vista to have the beautiful Jenna Pfingston bringing lots of wonderful yoga energy to her classes at jalaBlu, BV’s first yoga studio. Another amazing thing she has been doing is bringing famous yogis to do guest workshops. her latest workshop with Darren Rhodes drew such a response that it had to be moved from 807 to the Orpheum Theatre to accommodate 46 guests!

A New Wave of Construction on River Park Road

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Image for A New Wave of Construction on River Park Road

Of the three new buildings slated to break ground on River Park Road in the next several months, Todd and Pam Herzer’s California Craftsman-inspired rowhouse will be the first. “I grew up in the foothills next to Pasadena, the peak of the California Craftsman style,” Todd told me. Pam grew up in the Santa Barbara area, also noted for its Craftsman legacy. “So we wanted our design to reference these great craftsman neighborhoods.”

BP or Us?

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Image for BP or Us?

In a recent post on his Original Green Blog, Steve Mouzon made the excellent point that while it might be gratifying and just to “take the hide off” BP’s CEO Tony Hayward, we are actually to blame, having created a suburban nation which continues to make us slaves to oil. Of course this is easy for New Urbanists to claim, but what else are we supposed to say about the emperor’s nudity? If all we do as a result of this disaster is make one multinational oil corporation pay heavily, we will have missed a huge opportunity to change our ways and begin to implement patterns of settlement that are actually sustainable.