South Main is a new urbanist neighborhood on a world-class whitewater park in downtown Buena Vista, CO. Siblings Jed Selby and Katie Selby Urban dreamed up South Main around 2003, and their combination of concern for the environment, commitment to quality, passion and perseverance have brought the unique dream of South Main to fruition.

But that story has been told before. Which is all good. It is catchy after all. But the point of this blog is to go deeper. To delve into and shed light on the foundational ideas, passion and people that have given rise to South Main and which are now shaping the neighborhood as it emerges and blossoms into a living, breathing community.

Our hope for this blog is that it will have a more personal touch. Here’s who you will hear from:

Dustin Urban
No one in the freestyle kayaking world can come off the bench quite like Dustin. Despite his part-time pursuit of the sport, Dustin has consistently stood on the podium at both the national and international level for the past decade. After graduating from Princeton, Dustin hightailed it west, arriving a bit late to the South Main party. It all started one fateful night at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, which happened to involve some break dancing on stage during a hip hop concert. Thankfully Katie gave it a chance despite the age difference. Dustin and Katie are now happily married and live in South Main with their son Heron, daughter Lila and dog Hurley.

Katie Selby Urban
“If the only people involved in development are your typical development types, then how is it ever going to change?”

The last thing Katie ever thought she would become is a developer; but today she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves South Main almost as much as her other babies- her 1 1/2 year-old-son Heron, her labradoodle Hurley, and her new daughter Lila. A passionate believer in the power of community, sustainable land use, local food and gardening, Katie’s excitement and enthusiasm are contagious. She’s always up for a good adventure, whether it be kayaking the numbers at high water while four months pregnant, doing desert raft floats with Heron at four months of age, or recently teaching Heron to hug trees.

Jed Selby
Jed knows he’s had a good climbing-kayaking-surfing session if he “can barely move” afterward. He lives to raise the bar and play full out, and his passion for adventure and trailblazing applies just as much to creating South Main as it does to his outdoor exploits. Jed has a sometimes-exhausting supply of new ideas, but we think some of them are pretty cool; after all, South Main was his idea. We think you’ll enjoy reading about some of them here.

Kennley Montrose
For Kennley, it begins and ends with design. Graphics, photography, paint colors, landscaping; it doesn’t really matter what the project, the satisfaction comes from finding the ‘symmetry’ or the balance of what makes things pleasing. Life is much the same to Kennley. It takes balance, creativity, patience and play. Climbing requires much of the same, and there is not much she would rather do than spend a week crack climbing in the desert.