Opportunity Abounds in South Main

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“We wanted to be cool before cool was cool.” Evelyn, Mountain Bohemian’s owner told me. Then she expounded. “We had been watching South Main for a long time. Waiting for the right opportunity, then when I found this space I thought, maybe now is right. We wanted to be trend setters, not followers.”

Mountain Bohemian is setting a trend, it is South Main’s first ’Lifestyle’ boutique. There you will find a variety of unique clothing options from yoga wear, dresses and sweaters to scarves and shoes. They also have a variety of handcrafted items to enjoy.

South Main is also setting a trend by creating new, beautiful, walk-able urbanism that’s an ideal environment for retail. And although South Main has only a handful of businesses at this point, the long-term vision is much larger. Already you can feel the vibrancy these businesses bring to the neighborhood. You begin to glimpse what it will be like when the commercial around the square is built out. When the neighborhood is full of people enjoying restaurants and shops and many more amenities, all without a moment in the car.

You may ask “But when?” The answer is soon, in fact it is happening now.

Waiting has been a consistent trend during these recession years. Waiting to see what will happen, waiting to make an investment or to start a business, waiting to even dream of possibilities. 2013 is proving to be a different story. There is talk of a Yoga Studio moving to South Main which would be fantastic! And if not now, in the near future. We are also developing plans for a Climbing Gym adjacent to the South Main Square. This is just a taste of what people are dreaming up in South Main. There are many, many more opportunities… A hotel, an outdoor gear rental store, a rafting company and a bike shop just to name a few.

If you have been waiting, maybe now is the time. Come join us in creating a world class neighborhood!



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