Celebrating 5 Years since Our First Residents Moved In!

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Aerial view of South Main, Fall 2006

It’s been 5 years since South Main’s first residents moved in, and it’s pretty incredible to see how far we have come in that time!

Fall 2007 vs. Fall 2012:

When my wife Katie and I moved in 5 years ago, our tall blue house with a tower jutted up from a barren landscape, looking rather lonely. Today the neighborhood has grown up around us, and we are surrounded by beauty- beautiful homes and incredible parks, gardens, trees, grass and, of course, many wonderful neighbors. It’s an honor to be part of this dream of South Main, conjured up by Katie and her brother Jed. Sorting through historic photos from those days, I’m reminded that there’s magic in what has been done here. From dirt, weeds, trash and an otherwise lifeless landscape, a community bursting with life has emerged.

Spring, 2008 vs. Fall, 2012:

Spindly little street trees have become stately and majestic, weeds are gradually displaced by a rainbow of flowers, and the laughter of children spills from porches and down streets as the casual visitor explores delightful spaces which have miraculously materialized in just a few short years.

Spring, 2008 vs. Summer, 2012:

We have persevered through economic turmoil as our neighbors have kept faith in a vision fueled by pure passion. And as the economy begins to turn and we embark on the next five years, the dream will continue to unfold in now-unimaginable ways. Our sincerest gratitude to all that have been a part of building this reality, and our warmest welcome to the next generation of South Main neighbors!

Fall, 2007 vs. Spring, 2012:

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Mike Brown
November 1, 2012
6:12 pm

The last time I was there was fall of 2006. The bare infrastructure is exactly what I remember. The new community looks great! All of you should be very proud of the impact you’ve had on the valley.

My best,

Dustin Urban
November 1, 2012
9:39 pm

Thanks, Mike. Come visit again some time!

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