Artisan Metalwork Adorns 703 Buzz Blvd

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Here in South Main, we love real, durable materials, and we love the craftspeople who work with them to create something beautiful and enduring. So it is certainly an inspiration to see the incredible metalwork at the recently-completed 703 Buzz Boulevard, created by local artisans Alf’s Blacksmith and Millstream Metalworks. [For more on the owners of 703 Buzz Blvd as well as the home's overall design, check out my article from a year ago: New Home Draws Inspiration from New Orleans].

I was blown away by the incredible detail of these cranes, hand-forged by Alf, which adorn two ‘claire voie’ in the courtyard wall. The feather texture was achieved by using a hammer with a straight edge, as he demonstrated for me. Also created by Alf are three courtyard landscaping planters with hand-forged, 18th century hardware, and incredible, European-style, fully-functioning steel shutters.

Millstream Metalworks, a.k.a. Jim and Judy Butler, created and installed the courtyard’s steel railing as well as the screen fire-grates for the home’s fireplaces, which feature hand-shaped copper leaves. You can read more about the Butler’s and their work, which occurs throughout South Main, here.

Alf is a fascinating character who obviously loves his trade; he’s been at it for 55 years now and is a 10th generation blacksmith. As a certified master blacksmith, he takes his craft seriously as an art form. He was taught, for example, never to wear gloves when holding his tools since it would cut off his connection to the tools and materials. This dedication and love shines through in his work, as I hope these pictures demonstrate in some way. It’s a pleasure to see Alf’s work in South Main, and we’d like to thank the Puckett’s for bringing his work into the neighborhood!

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