Now is the Time to Buy a 2nd Home Says the Wall Street Journal

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“If you’re thinking of buying a second home in the next five years, this might be your best opportunity.” So says “Vacation Homes Beckon,” a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Of course such a pronouncement depends heavily on the specific market, but we believe it holds true here in South Main.

“There is only one way prices can go in South Main, and that is up,” says Jed Selby, President and co-founder of the neighborhood. With no debt, South Main’s financial standing is very solid, and at worst prices will hold flat for a while. With interest rates still at historic lows (3.97% average on a 30-year fixed, according to the WSJ article), there really will be no better time to buy.

Interest rates are bound to rise with time, and our inventory is only getting smaller- 701 Buzz Boulevard, one of our most beautiful single family home lots, closed yesterday.

“We don’t know exactly when South Main will ‘pop’, but it will,” says Jed. “And when it does, prices in South Main will head up for good.”

Read the full Wall Street Journal Article, “Vacation Homes Beckon”

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