Eddyline Brewery Partners with PaddleFest to Launch Boater Beer

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Words and images courtesy of Earl Richmond of CKS Paddle Fest.

Buena Vista’s Eddyine Brewery started a new beer this month to raise funds and awareness for Buena Vista’s long-running and super-successful special event, Paddle Fest.

The beer was started today at the brewery by Eddyline owner and operator, Mic Heynekamp, with volunteer help from Jenn Fisher, the event organizer for Paddle Fest. They spent time together going over the recipe and how beer is made in a micro brew environment.  It is going to be a light, refreshing and easy-to-enjoy pilsner-style beer.

The name will be Boater Beer, to celebrate the character of the Arkansas River Valley,  which has been shaped by boaters (or people who paddle) since the 1950s.   It will be available at the Eddyline, and in several local and regional establishments and will be available in 16 oz.” to go” cans  in their new, state-of-the-art brewing facility and taproom.

Boater Beer will also be private labeled as Paddle Fest Pilsner in the spring to help aid in the promotion of Paddle Fest in Buena Vista which occurs every Memorial Day Weekend. “Paddle Fest is honored to have our local brewery making a specialty beer that will not only publicize this great event, but it will also promote the town of Buena Vista and our paddling resources that we have here to the many beer enthusiasts of the western US.”  Earl Richmond, Owner of CKS and Paddle Fest planner.

Paddle Fest 2012 dates: May 25th, 26th, 27th 2012

Watch the Making of the Beer!

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