7 Reasons to Invest in South Main this New Year

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With 2012 upon us, we invite you to come find your place in South Main. Seriously, there will never be a better time to buy. Here’s why.

1) If you like South Main now, this place is going to blow your mind in 5-10 years.

Now is your chance to get in early on what will soon become one of the great destinations in Colorado. As cool as the neighborhood is today, we’re just getting started! Imagine strolling a block from your home to a romantic meal or live music overlooking the river. Think how wonderful it is that your kids or grand kids will have a free-range upbringing, running a few doors down to their friends house or fun at the park, walking safely to school and growing up close to nature. Health and happiness are yours with adventures like fishing, hiking and mountain biking at your fingertips, a whitewater rafting trip or a work out at the climbing gym just around the corner.

2) A home here will never be more affordable.

You can rest assured that we have the financial ability to weather these economic times. Our current prices are at or near cost and will rise as the neighborhood becomes more complete and vibrant. In the words of renowned New Urbanist Dan Burden, “Once I started walking and photographing South Main Street in Buena Vista, Colorado, I realized that this place… with only 30* homes built, is going to give Seaside a run for its money.” Seaside was the original New Urbanist development and was certainly a good investment for early buyers. Home values now range from $1-5 Million.

*There are now 40 residential units and 10 commercial spaces built.

3) Interest rates are historically low and borrowing will never be cheaper.

Rates will go up as the economy recovers to limit inflationary pressures.

4) Big money is betting on a housing rebound.

5) Buying now in Phase 1 is better than waiting for Phase 2.

When you buy in Phase 1, you’ll be one of the last on your block to build, limiting your time living in a construction zone. Street trees are mature, your neighbors are already awaiting your arrival, and you don’t have to wait for others to come along to live on a completed block.

6) If you want to be in Phase 1, the pickings are getting slim.

If you want a detached home, there are only 3 lots left (1107 River Park Rd, 701 Buzz Blvd and 700 Buzz Blvd). If you want a live-work or rowhouse on South Main Street, 3 sites remain, and if you want a 3-bedroom rowhouse on River Park Road, there’s only one more lot available.

7) You’re not getting any younger and life is too short to wait!

Seriously though, life here is amazing today, and do you really want to postpone living your dreams any longer? We are like a fine wine and get better with age. With traditional neighborhoods, the more homes and businesses that get built, the more beautiful, vibrant and valuable the neighborhood will become. This means that the longer you wait, the more you will have to pay to become a part of this world-class neighborhood. Come stay in a Vacation Rental and take a tour with us to find your place in South Main. Happy New Year!

Listings offered by Andre Spino-Smith and Dustin Urban of South Main Realty.

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