South Main: Adaptive, Flexible, Resilient

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It’s always exciting to hear visitors’ impressions of South Main, particularly those in the field of New Urbanism. Our friend John Olson, on the board of the Congress for the New Urbanism Colorado chapter and owner of Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes, stayed in The Firehouse Vacation Rental over Labor Day and wrote a great blog post about his impressions of South Main.

“The neighborhood is still in its infant years, yet the buzz across Southern Colorado is comparable to an established urban resort community. It is often mentioned and referenced in discussions in Colorado Springs so it is not a surprise to see other development professionals wandering the streets of South Main. In my brief two-day visit to South Main, I spoke to a couple of home builders from Texas and a new Urbanist legend, Dan Burden of the Walkable and Livable Communities¬†Institute ” Read More >>>

I was also tickled to see this comment from Dan Burden on Facebook, accompanying a photo gallery he took of South Main: “Once I started walking and photographing South Main Street in Buena Vista, Colorado, I realized that this place… with only 30 homes built, is going to give Seaside a run for its money.”

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