Denver Post Features Kayaker Dustin Urban, of South Main

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South Main resident Dustin Urban is featured today in a Denver Post article about his accomplishments and thoughts on his future.

“BUENA VISTA — Dustin Urban balances his son as he prepares lunch for his daughter. The ham is diced while the tow-headed 2-year-old on his hip sips and the darling in the highchair munches and hollers.

Urban, 27, moves with efficiency through the cacophonous tasks in his riverside kitchen. Grandparents and friends pass through with plans for the day, the week and the fall. Urban nods, talks quietly and lifts his excited son high over his head, earning a shower of ham bits.

Good thing Urban is no stranger to juggling. The Princeton graduate who took his political science finals while competing in the kayaking world championships in Australia and beyond ranks as Colorado’s top freestyle kayaker. He also heads the marketing efforts of the South Main development in Buena Vista, shares daddy duty with his wife, South Main co-founder Katie Selby, and still manages to win most kayaking contests he enters.

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