The Games Begin!

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Well I’ve been in Plattling, Germany preparing for the World Championships for 10 days now. Last night was the opening ceremonies and today most classes except for the Men compete- the show is finally on the road! Before I get on to the writing, here’s a photo gallery of the really fun opening ceremonies last night.

I’ve officially committed to paddling my carbon boat now that the water looks like it will be staying at high to medium flows. It’s been wild seeing a huge range of water levels during training. Flows were perfect and medium when I got here and people were always talking about “where is the rock?” so we could figure out where not to loop. A few days after I arrived the question quickly became “where ISN’T the rock???” as it became an art form to pull off moves with “smoking rock all day,” as Clay (Wright) liked to put it. After 2 days of intensely low water, the flow essentially doubled, and now it’s the highest in weeks if not months, creating a fluffy wavish-hole with not a rock in site.

I’ve been dialing in my boat- master handy man Stephen helped me put a grab loop on the front of my boat and glass in seat belt anchors under my seat, as demonstrated in the photos below.

This was very exciting as we experienced a full-blown resin melt down whereby I had no idea what was going on as Stephen’s going “Oh god, it’s smoking… get a glass container, quick!” The plastic cup it was in melted, but we managed to avert catastrophe and keep it from spilling on my boat or the hotel carpet. Excellent. Now I won’t be disqualified for having no front grab loop, AND I won’t fall out of my boat!

Anywho, the Women, C-1 ers and Squirt Boaters all had their prelims today and Men’s prelims run all day tomorrow. I’ll be going at 10 am Germany time, which is 2 am Colorado time, so the live stream won’t be super relevant for my rides. But you can watch the live stream here. Cheers!

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