A Photo Tour of a Most Innovative Interior

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The 625-square-foot guesthouse of the Courtyard Home is substantially complete, and we’re awfully proud of the interior. Jed and Kennley put countless hours into the design and thinking through every detail, and the result is quite something.

Once the rest of the home is complete, you will have the opportunity to experience this 1-bedroom apartment first hand as a South Main Vacation Rental.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos and some thoughts from Jed and Kennley.

Kennley: Overall, the presence of the space is “old world” in that it is raw and feels simple. We started with an opportunity to try different things. The fun and rewarding part was to blend different styles. We made the choice to use different traditional styles- cottage, industrial, modern, old world. The challenge was making them blend coherently.

Jed: As with everything we do in South Main, this space is founded in the traditional principles of architecture and design because they are proven work and last. We use a pattern-based approach, rather than a style-based approach. The style-based approach has a whole set of elements that go with each detail. In a pattern based approach, you can blend different styles.

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December 1, 2010
5:32 pm

oh my god you guys… i love everything about it! all that reclaimed wood is insane – excellent job!! :)

mary banks
December 2, 2010
11:53 am

This is gorgeous and has proven that thoughtful time spent gives super results. I will have to spend a night here to absorb the beauty first hand!

Dustin Urban
December 3, 2010
9:04 am

Thanks, Mary! Spend a night or come get a tour :-)

Dustin Urban
December 3, 2010
9:09 am

Thanks, Molly! BTW, your Sarah and Ryan post is so beautiful/ tragic/ moving. Thanks for your beautiful work.

Click on Molly’s name to see here photography.

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