Enter the 5 Spot Live Music Series: The Kueppers on Music, Art and Moving to South Main

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“I’ve lived all over the world, and I’ve searched high and low for a spot like this, from the alps to Australia to the Pacific Northwest, Vermont, and Montana.” -Angela Kuepper

It’s hard to believe it was only three years ago that Katie and I wandered across South Main- then a dirt expanse with just a few houses- to introduce ourselves to the cool, young couple that had just rented 1101 River Park Road. Little did we know that Bobby and Angela Kuepper would buy a home in South Main, take over organization of The Collegiate Peaks Music Festival (CPMF) and launch a year round music series that will bring diverse musical acts- starting with DJ Harry at The Asian Palate on October 30th- to our increasingly hip little mountain town. Needless to say, we’re excited to have Bobby and Angela as friends and neighbors, bringing their unique vision to South Main and BV. I had a chance to catch up with Bobby and Angela earlier today:

DU: Why have you become the organizer of CPMF?

BK: Cause I love music. And because my sister-in-law, Marguerite Thompson, has a lot of musical connections who are excited to play in Colorado. My brother, she and I all went to the same high school and college, and I’ve been to probably 100 shows with her and Tom. Plus Laurie (Benson, who now owns The BV Roastery with her husband and BV’s new Mayor, Joel) has done a great job with the festival. CPMF is established and successful already, so it was a great opportunity for us. This past summer Laurie showed me the ropes and handed it off to Marguerite and I. This year, we’re the festival organizers, and Laurie is also there for consultation.

DU: So what’s your vision for The 5 Spot Live music series?

BK: After CPMF and the after parties (which featured DJs spinning electronic music), my friends, festival volunteers and I wondered how we could keep it going. Plus the musicians really liked it here and asked when they could come back. It’s still a science experiment, but I think the market is there. We’re keeping the series small-scale with a diverse line up- bluegrass, house, acoustic, rock. Then we’ll have the much bigger CPMF on the exact same weekend next year.

AK: I’m really excited about the prospect of facilitating the cultural experience here, whether it be music or the arts or the interaction of both. A lot of people are drawn to this area because it’s very inspiring here; I think there are a lot of artists and musicians here for that reason. We want to facilitate the evolution of culture in this area, and I think a lot of people here are hungry for it.

DU: How did you end up in South Main?

BK: We’re both from the east coast and met in Stowe, Vermont. I worked for RMOC (Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center) in college and bought a few kayaks from Chad and Earl (of Colorado Kayak Supply, where Bobby and Angela both work now). We decided we wanted to move to Colorado, and Buena Vista was one of the towns we wanted to check out since we had both read the Outside article on South Main independently, before we got together. We ended up renting the Mackies’ and knew instantly that we wanted to live here. We saw the vision. Every sport has its community- there are the ski towns, Moab for mountain biking and climbing. But there was no actual kayak community. Plus we have seen South Main growing a lot recently, so it’s a really exciting time to be here.

AK: I’ve lived all over the world, and I’ve searched high and low for a spot like this, from the alps to Australia to the Pacific Northwest, Vermont, and Montana. It’s huge for me to have access to the outdoors right on my doorstep: skiing, biking, running, bouldering, stand up paddling, cross-country skiing. I lived in Seattle, and the access to the outdoors was not ideal. I loved Montana, but it was a tough place to make a living. I wanted to find a place that also had potential for commerce, and I wanted to get back to the Mountains. We’ve found all that here.

I personally feel extremely inspired to be an artist, designer and musician here. I grew up a classically trained musician. We live in such a busy world, and I feel fortunate to live in a place with quiet and open space around me which fuels my creative juices.

I invite you to join me in supporting the efforts of this awesome young couple. Throw on your best costume and dancing shoes, and come dance the night away at the Asian Palate on October 30th. It will be a night not to miss! (But if you do, you can also catch Fort Knox Five vs. Thunderball on November 13th)

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October 20, 2010
6:37 pm

Yay, were so glad to have you guys in BV (and of course in South Main).
To create a culture requires a lot of effort, each contribution whatever it may be lightens the load and heightens the excitement and energy of the town.
Thanks so much for you contributions!

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