Welcome the Pucketts, South Main’s Newest Family

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A few weeks ago I waved hello to Philip and Cindy Puckett and their 4-year-old daughter Chloe as they peered out a second story window. “This is my room!” Chloe shouted, beaming.

The Pucketts are proud owners of the new, 2,550-square-foot Kenny Craft design now under construction at 905 South Main Street. Philip, Cindy and Chloe moved from Round Rock, Texas (near Austin) to Buena Vista this year after selling their home there. Cindy’s uncle Terry is doing a wonderful job building their home, and they plan to move in come February.

“If my parents hadn’t built here, I don’t know if we would have done it,” Cindy told me. Cindy’s parents, Ken and Jeanie Cannon, finished their home on Swift Circle nearly two years ago. Since that time, during the summer months especially, South Main has become the site for family gatherings of Ken and Jeanie’s children and grandchildren. “Chloe’s cousins Max and McKenzie love it and  always ask ‘When are we moving to CO?’ Chloe loves having the cousins and having weeks on end to hang out.”

After spending almost 2 months in Buena Vista last summer, Philip and Cindy concluded that Philip could telecommute to his job with IBM and that they wanted to raise their new family in South Main and Buena Vista; Cindy is expecting their second in January.

The Design Process

Originally the Pucketts worked with Kenny on a two-story design, but “adding the third story made it perfect for us,” Cindy said. “Because we don’t need a full third floor, we had room for a roof deck. With the 2-story, we felt we could make it work, but with the 3rd story, not only are we moving to an awesome location, we get an awesome house that fits us and gives us room to grow as well.” And of course the roof deck provides beautiful mountain views.

The exterior design and color palate of the Puckett’s home, meanwhile, are gorgeous. Based on the Puckett’s desires, “We took some inspiration from Rosemary Beach with the exposed framing and the way all the structural members are expressed, rather than having a more enclosed look.” In terms of style, Kenny sees “some South Main, some Victorian, some western-storefront-with-parapet style. Western downtown influences, but with a little more fresh or contemporary take on the porch and balcony. Using the board and batton was a unique element.”

Choosing the Color Palate

Kennley Montrose works with the Pucketts and other owners on the exterior color palate. “One cool thing about this opportunity was that Bart (next door at 903 South Main) wanted to do the orange, and the Pucketts were really into the blue right away.” Blue and orange being complimentary and opposite on the color wheel, the buildings are a beautiful pair, with Bart’s orange siding even tying in with the Puckett’s windows. “Kenny had the idea of doing a monochromatic frame, trim and siding on a whole story, so that’s how the 1st story came about,” Kennley explained. “But obviously the first story frame and trim color carry through to the whole facade. One thing that we try to do is change color with each siding material change. This building changes siding material three times, hence the three siding colors. The tonal range going from dark to light works especially well because the third story is set back.”

“The year-round outdoor lifestyle drew us…”

“We’re active people, and we knew that we wanted to be as active as possible when we had kids… The appeal was being within walking distance of things, not having to drive everywhere. Chloe will be able to ride her bike to her friends’, the river, her grandparents’.” Seeing Chloe and her cousins biking around South Main and running into them with my son Heron at the Rocks and Ropes park (just north of Swift Circle), makes me clear that this is an amazing place to raise a family.

Buena Vista’s schools were also a big factor for the Pucketts in their move. “In Round Rock, we had an elementary and middle school within walking distance, but they were at 140% capacity. So that was a big motivator in pushing to find a smaller town with a good school system.”

On top of all that, Philip’s parents, Val and and Linda Puckett, are currently in the design phase for their full-time home on Buzz Boulevard. What a gift to have South Main becoming so multi-generational. Starts to give new meaning to “It takes a village…”

“We got the question ‘why are you moving?’ so much. And we say ‘we’re ready for an adventure.’ We have never looked back.” We’re so glad to have you, Cindy, Philip, Chloe and Baby Puckett (and Bailey and Beckett the dogs). Welcome!

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