BP or Us?

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Like so many of us, I’m appalled by the ongoing environmental devastation unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Time to chime in. Steve Mouzon is something of a thought leader in the New Urbanism movement and wrote a great article about South Main for his Original Green Blog.

In a recent post, Steve made the excellent point that while it might be gratifying and just to “take the hide off” BP’s CEO Tony Hayward, we are actually to blame, having created a suburban nation which continues to make us slaves to oil.

“But the BP blood-lust, and the countless newspeople who are fanning those flames, are  completely missing the real point. Because the ultimate fault lies not so much with some foreign corporation, as with us. We are to blame, and we’re going to cause even more of these disasters…In the words of the long-ago cartoon character Pogo, ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us.’” Read More…

Of course this is easy for New Urbanists to claim, but what else are we supposed to say about the emperor’s nudity? If all we do as a result of this disaster is make one multinational oil corporation pay heavily, we will have missed a huge opportunity to change our ways and begin to implement patterns of settlement that are actually sustainable.

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