Lost Lake: A Moderate Alpine Hike

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LostLake1Katie, Heron, Hurley and I did the beautiful hike to Lost Lake the other day. Last time I visited this lake I was snowmoboarding with Jahvea and Coby of Buffalo Joe’s and Cottonwood Country Snowmobile Tours. Now the high country is warm, lush and blooming.

The Lost Lake trail is an easy to moderate, half-hour (one way) alpine hike that is a great family outing. A half-hour drive west from Buena Vista, the hike begins in the basin just below Cottonwood Pass and heads south through tundra and forest around tree line to this gem of an alpine lake, tucked against rugged cliffs that form the Continental Divide.

Getting into the high country this time of year is a thirst-quenching experience after the relative heat of the valley floor. For our family, it is rejuvenating and inspiring to have access to hikes like this. Heron is at an age where he’s constantly discovering and exploring his environment, so it feels wonderful to expose him to this vibrant alpine ecosystem we have just west of us.

Andrew Cook, one of our South Main homeowners, also enjoyed the Lost Lake hike, and wrote a great account about it a couple years ago:

“I’ve often felt that Colorado contains a mix of all seasons at the same moments – snow in the midst of summer, sun brightening a cold winter’s day and autumn’s chill in the midst of a vibrant spring.  This hike embodied that feeling that this place could at once be all things to all people.

As the half-hour passed with my meanderings, I closed in on the destination for the afternoon: Lost Lake itself.  The reflection of the evergreens was caught in the mirror of the lake’s surface and the shore framed that reflection in a way that held me still in my tracks…” Read More >>

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July 1, 2010
1:34 pm

The blog addition is wonderful.
Picnic at lake in the fall? So beautiful!
Love from Maine, Susan

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