Urbanism and Sustainability

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I often wonder when I hear things like ‘change a light bulb, save the world’ just how deep our culture’s understanding of sustainability is. Somehow, the way we develop cities, the way land is consumed, how much we drive and other important factors are often overlooked. I’ll read an article that discusses how the American lifestyle needs to change, but the answer at the end has more to do with fuel efficient cars than urbanism or smart growth. This article is compelling to me because it demonstrates with solid data how New Urbanism and Smart Growth are a systemic approach to sustainability and dealing with the climate crisis. Good old George H. W. once said that the American lifestyle is “nonnegotiable.” When I see how little development patterns are confronted in discussions of sustainability, I wonder just how negotiable it is even for those of us who want to do good for the world. To me, it’s the elephant in the room. Enjoy.

Article by Scott Rodwin in The Colorado Urbanist

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John Olson
June 24, 2010
5:25 pm

Well stated Katie and thanks for referencing the Colorado Urbanist! Let me know if you want a digital version of the Urbanist, I should have a pdf available or if not, I can track one down for you.

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