New Wave Takes 3rd Annual BV Pro Rodeo to New Heights

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We’ve been talking a lot this spring about the new whitewater park improvements, and particularly the new wave, located just east of the South Main Town Square. Meanwhile we’ve been biting our nails behind the scenes, hoping and praying that this new feature (aka the LoDo wave) would meet our expectations as a world-class venue for freestyle kayaking.

Few would dispute after the BV Pro Rodeo this past weekend that our prayers were answered. In the 5 days prior to the event, the river spiked from a trickle at 300 cubic feet per second (cfs) to over 2,800 cfs over memorial day weekend (commonly referred to in BV as Paddlefest weekend). It quickly became clear that we would be able to hold the BVPR at the new wave, as a feature emerged with a glassy wave section on the left and a stomping foam pile in the middle, all with a whole lot of water coming through the trough at high velocity.

While “holes” (breaking waves with lots of foam) are common in whitewater parks and relatively easy to build, man-made waves are quite rare and have become the “holy grail,” if you will, in whitewater park construction. Waves are considered by many to be the frontier of freestyle kayaking, making possible a whole set of moves which can’t be performed in a hole.

Many such moves were on display during Friday’s prelims and Saturday’s finals of the BV Pro. The newly-terraced banks were lined with spectators cheering on the competitors while enjoying great weather, great music, and tasty beer courtesy of Ska Brewing and Eddyline Restaurant and Brewing Company. All proceeds from the event help fund whitewater park improvement.


Men’s K1

1. Stephen Wright
2. Nick Troutman
3. Jason Craig
4. Bryan Kirk
5. Dustin Urban

Women’s K1

1. Emily Jackson
2. Ruth Gordon
3. Tanya Faux
4. Elaine Campbell
5. Liz Block

Junior Men’s K1

1. Eric Bartl
2. Haskon Sammelson
3. Dylan Evans

Junior Women’s K1

1. Taylor Cote
2. Hanna Kertesz

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